Face Shields are shipping daily

When we started this entire process back in March I had no idea that we would still be continuing here in May. We also had no idea that we would still be under quarantine I’m practicing social distancing.

This journey has been absolutely exciting the entire way. We started with a simple journey to design and create a face mask clip that was deemed comfortable and could easily be sent out to all the hospitals, Frontline workers and healthcare professionals across the USA.

Here we are almost two months later and we’ve shipped well over 7,000 covid Clips to date. We have designed and delivered our CovidKey, an amazing tool designed to stop people from having to touch doors, door knobs, handles, press ATM buttons or anything else that could possibly continue to spread the virus.

Two weeks ago we designed a face shield they could be easily 3D printed, matched up with lexan sheets that can be easily marked with a 3 hole punch to fit directly onto our bracket, and once again, we started the clock all over again. we’ve been printing these things non-stop for the past few weeks, designing custom lexan sheets to be cut on our plotter and now they are shipping everyday. What an exciting journey this has all been.



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